School Days

Dear School Days,

School can be a very overwhelming environment – there is a lot of stimulation, a lot of fear triggers, and stressors from navigating the social / emotional delays to fit in with peers. It is important to validate the stressors and practice good school behaviors at home; it is also important to educate the school on strategies that are effective with your child.

A couple guidelines for school behaviors: 1) Let school be school and home be home.  Don’t consequence for behaviors at school  – let the school handle that and allow your child to come home to a safe, nurturing environment.  2) Each day on the way to school, remind your child that being safe and showing respect are rules we follow everywhere and then practice what that might look like at school. 3) Go to the school unannounced and observe the classroom dynamics on occasion. That may give you insight as to what is triggering your child. Most importantly, don’t internalize the behaviors or feel like a bad parent; this will help you better advocate for what your child needs as opposed to feeling stressed and letting that affect your connection with your child.


For children and families,