Florida 1.27 Launches CarePortal in Hillsborough County

Florida 1.27 Launches CarePortal in Hillsborough County We are living in what feels like unprecedented times. Times that are bringing about emotions, changes and hardships we did not see coming. Our world is aching from COVID-19 and the unrest it has brought in its wake. Here at Florida 1.27, we are holding steadfast to God’s […]

Hearts of Gratitude – 2019

Hearts of Gratitude – 2019 One year. 12 months. 365 days. Time brings forth great impact. God can move mountains in these moments. People can love deeply in these minutes. Innovation can happen in these seconds. Another year of pursuing God’s promise, chasing His commands and partnering with His people – a year we would […]

Weighted Blanket Blessings

In this season of gratitude, Pursuing the Promise sat down with Loryn Smith and Kelli Wild, two front-line fighters in the battle for vulnerable children, and talked weighted blankets. With clinical backgrounds and professional experiences, both Smith and Wild have borne witness to the benefits of weighted blankets and the blessings they bring to families. […]

Answer Your Calling – The Comfort of Weighted Blankets

Nancy Hale’s Story Finding comfort in a chaotic world can be hard. Imagine having something that calms stress, reduces anxiety, facilitates focus and peace, aids in sensory disorders, promotes sleep and so much more. Something you can take with you everywhere you go. This item of comfort sounds wonderful, revolutionary even. Now imagine the benefits […]