No Friends

Dear A Bit Defeated, Our children not having friends is often due to the gap between physical / intellectual development and social / emotional functioning.  Some tips to help are: Identify where your child is functioning socially / emotionally and develop a plan to meet the needs from earlier developmental stages. It is not until […]

How Long?

Dear Afraid to Ask, Connected parenting is based on child development and meeting needs at each stage of life – it is relationship centered. Therefore, it is important we understand that this is not a “way to parent until my child can function,” but rather a paradigm shift, an understanding that my child will always […]

Family Matters

Dear Miss Understood, From the beginning of the process, include family in education. Recommend that they read THE CONNECTED CHILD and other materials that help explain how parenting trauma children looks different than traditional parenting. Then, be kind, but firm in your responses to family members unsolicited advice. “Thanks for your input, but we have […]

Using Cell Phones

Dear Tell Me When, We too share a desire to allow our children to experience “normative stages of development” experienced by their peers.  Because of the delayed social and emotional age; however, many times our children can’t handle the responsibility and make unwise choices. To allow them to learn, I recommend setting up safety guidelines with […]

Screen Time

Dear Thought it Would Help, When a MRI is done on a child who is using electronics, the limbic part of their brain is lit up like a Christmas tree. Remember, the limbic region of the brain is the survival part and for children who are stuck there, cause and effect, logic, and reasoning are […]