Baker Act

Dear This is Tough, A Baker Act is when a child is a threat to themselves or others. My children know that any threat of self-harm – whether joking, in a rage, or out of spite will always result in a Baker Act.  We cannot take the risk of a child getting hurt. Even if […]

Being Present

Dear Anita Lifeline, Sometimes, it is just being present with a child that models connection. It is very powerful to non-verbally communicate to a child that even when he/she is not acting nicely, you want to be with him/her. We can also encourage the child to use his/her words as pouting is generally the perception […]

Managing Emotions

Dear Please Help, Remember, a child’s emotions must be managed for them before they can learn to manage them. As the parent/caregiver, learn your child. Be able to identify when your child is GREEN (happy, joyful, things going well), YELLOW (a little angry, a little sad, a little “yucky”) and RED (very angry, very sad, […]

Melt Downs

Dear Three Mile Island, My preemptive recommendation is to practice before arrival – talk about where you will be, what the expectations are, and identify two or three things you can do to help the child stay regulated. But, we know often that isn’t effective, as being in public can be over-stimulating, stressful, and anxiety-producing. […]