Impact Through Churches

We know churches want to be part of the solution to Florida’s child welfare crisis. We also know that working with the Florida child welfare system can be complex. Leveraging national best practices in both church ministry and child welfare, we have responded to this challenge by providing the Live The Promise: FL model to churches and volunteers that are ready to help. Live The Promise: FL is a simple, high quality, scalable, and sustainable model that provides a promising plan for foster care and adoption.

Training and Supporting Leaders

The Advocate Clinic provides Advocates with detailed training on how to begin and maintain a strong Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM) at your church.

Our Advocate training process is built upon these basics:

Envision | Establish | Equip | Empower

Envisioning, establishing and equipping your Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM) to thrive within your local church is facilitated through the materials presented at our Live The Promise: FL Advocate Clinic, a one-day event held on a Saturday.

Topics at the Advocate Clinic include:

  • Roles Your Church Can Fulfill
  • Creating Awareness
  • Forming and Launching Community Care Teams
  • Working with Florida’s Child Welfare Agencies.

Empowering your Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM) happens through utilizing our online portal as well as a variety of online trouble-shooting tutorials. Unlimited access to the portal ensures Advocates will always have the most up-to-date materials and training available to grow their ministry.  In addition, we provide ongoing coaching and support after the Clinic to help your ministry launch, grow, and thrive.