God’s Job is the Outcome

Loryn Smith’s Story

“My job is to be faithful, God’s job is the outcome,” Loryn Smith explains. She clings passionately to these words and desperately to God’s promises. She has made this her life motto, and a fitting one it is. Smith’s line of work requires immense amounts of obedience and trust. Being the Owner and CEO of Finally Home Christian Adoption Services has revolutionized her mindset and the way many understand the foster and adoption system. A mother, a mentor and a Kingdom Warrior – Loryn Smith shares her story of where it all started and how she has grown into pursing her purpose.

“I come from a family that is extremely talented in music and the arts. One day, my dad asked me what my talent is, and I honestly didn’t think I had one. He looked at me and said my talent was working with children,” Smith told. With a master’s degree in social work, over forty years personally and twenty-plus years professionally in the field, Smith knows her dad was right. Alongside her career, Smith and her husband have 5 biological children and 15 adopted children – having fostered many more along the way. Her talent has taught her so much – compassion, adaptability, acceptance and more. “It is clearly something I apply every day and it has enabled me to take in children I never thought I was capable of parenting. I see the reliance of families that can adapt. I see the resilience in children who go through unspeakable trauma and find healing in the right family. I know I am where God can best use me,” she tells. God is using Loryn’s gifts as she works directly with families throughout Florida and trains child welfare professionals all across the nation. Smith is a resource for education, healing and restoration. “I believe healing happens in families and every child deserves an opportunity for family,” she shares.

Finally Home Christian Adoptive Services offers 4 different programs via the agency. They place children for domestic adoption providing home studies, trainings and post care. Additionally, they facilitate public adoptions – train, approve and support families. The agency’s biggest program is their family coaching program where they go into homes and come up with healthy strategies to help mothers and fathers (biological, foster, kinship, and adoptive) develop effective parenting styles that fit their child. Smith created the coaching piece as a result of the limited availability of practical support for struggling families. She believes that parents are the best therapists and that healing happens in relationship first and therapeutic techniques second. Lastly, Finally Home Christian Adoptive Services offers various trainings that teach adoption competency and trauma care. “I train churches, schools, speak at conferences, and teach parents how to care for kids from hard places. I see how God has woven my story and I just kind of went where God wanted me,” she says.

Loryn’s work has allowed her to witness beauty among ashes, it has enabled her to see life from a child’s perspective and share that with families, it has pushed her to no longer fear judgment but instead chase after what God has placed before her. Loryn closes with, “I have watched God intervene and do amazing things. I have seen people get back in the game. He is writing the story and I am just a player. He deals with the outcome. I have learned to not take things personally, because I see Him show up every time I do anything.”

Loryn’s Tip:  Learn not to look at life through a temporal perspective but rather an eternal perspective. There is great value in delayed gratification. God is writing multiple stories with every child. Remember, our job is to be faithful, God’s job is the outcome.

  • This article was written by Shelbi Hales.  Read more about her and her work at her blog:  Love Into Freedom