Be a Piece in 2020

Be a Piece in 2020

Another year. Another day to build community. Another chance to answer the call you know is being asked of you. The truth is all of us are called to grow God’s Kingdom, chase after His mission and show the world about His goodness.
Welcome 2020. We embrace you and we are grateful for all that you will bring.

Let’s start off with a few questions:

  • What is your New Year’s Resolution?
  • What are you passionate about pursuing in 2020?
  • How can that passion work in favor of God’s Kingdom?

Here at Florida1.27, our New Year’s Resolution is to grow where the Lord is calling us. 2020 has started off with many highs, but we stay expectant and humbled for all that is ahead. We are incredibly excited to continue after the pursuit of God’s promises in regards to vulnerable children. With this being the first story of the new year, our heart is to get you thinking, praying and moving. Stepping into your calling. Chasing after your purpose. A purpose that aligns with God’s path for your life. As we explain our mission,think about the role you can play in the fight for families in crisis.

Florida 1.27 partners with churches to engage the community to care for vulnerable children. With a strategic focus on recruiting, equipping, and providing ongoing support, Florida 1.27 works toward fulfilling its vision of having more than enough foster and adoptive families trained, supported, and available to care for vulnerable children in Florida.

Are you passionate about children in need?

Then register for the first Advocate Clinic of 2020 on February 1st, 2020 at Grace Family Church in Lutz, Florida!

Register Now!

By saying yes to this clinic, you are becoming a solution to a problem that needs you. This training will teach you how to engage your church, and how the church can be the greatest aid our city has seen in regards to foster care.

The beauty in our ministry is you don’t have to do it alone. You will be equipped, coached, and helped every step of the way to create a sustainable and thriving family advocacy ministry where you worship.

Not everyone is prepared to be foster parents, but everyone is ready to do something.

Everyone can be a piece.

“The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body.”  ‭‭1 Corinthians 12:12

A beautiful whole is simply made up of many small pieces.

  • This article was written by Shelbi Hales.  Read more about her and her work at her blog:  Love Into Freedom