Praying in the Waiting

Kimberly Thompson’s Story

“We must remember that praying is active, many people feel that it is passive. Praying and waiting go together and there is nothing passive about it,” states Kimberly Thompson. Ms. Thompson, a Church Advocate at First Baptist Church of Lutz, has an incredible story of waiting. A story that reveals God’s goodness, a story that has turned into beautiful understanding, a story that is meant to be shared.

In the Fall of 2018, Thompson said yes to being a Church Advocate. Through God’s faithfulness, a willing congregation and Kimberly’s spiritual gifts of organization and unification, the First Baptist Church of Lutz is currently serving five foster and adoptive families. Thompson admits that this was an easy role to fall into. Her giftings matched with her understanding made her a perfect person for the job. Kimberly had experienced something similar to a care community prior to 2018 and she knew the benefit of people rallying. When this opportunity presented itself within her church, she was quick to answer the call. Her passion and love for foster and adoption dates to 2001. Seventeen years prior to serving the Live the Promise model, God had planted a deep seed within Thompson’s heart. When her oldest daughter was eight-years-old she knew she wanted to foster or adopt other children. Thirteen years later, Kimberly and her husband welcomed two young girls into their home through foster care. God was working in her waiting.

When this desire was first planted in Thompson, she was a single mother raising her daughter. Several years later she married her husband, him having no children of his own, she wanted him to experience fatherhood and together they moved forward with training. Not only did her husband experience fatherhood, their foster girls experienced a father. God knew her desires, He understood the needs of everyone involved, He cultivated a marriage that would impact the lives of many. Kimberly knew in 2001 she wanted to adopt, her prayers were answered in 2014. God does profound work in our stillness. He moves mountains in our trust. He builds connections and cultivates growth for our success. Praying is moving.

Shortly after she began her journey of fostering, Thompson was diagnosed with cancer in late 2014. Though there was so much unknown, she found comfort and peace in the ones who helped support her and her new family. Thompson’s former church wrapped their arms around her family and provided meals, compassion, protection, prayers, and intentional help. There was not a name or model put on it then, but without her community, life would have been harder. Statistics show that unsupported foster parents quit within the first year. The Thompson’s did not become a statistic. The support from her church family in 2014 led her directly to her commitment as Church Advocate in 2018. “The model was so easy to follow. The training is an engineered program that has worked for the last 6 years. It came in a neat little package to launch the ministry within the church,” Thompson said. Four years later, she is healed, an adoptive mother to one of those girls, and helping her congregation serve families how she was served.

Another seed was planted during her battle with cancer. God whispered to Kimberly that she was going to have a platform to share her passions on. She often wondered if her voice would be used to help others who were in the battle with cancer. Last year, she realized her voice was to be used for foster and adoption. For four years God asked her to wait. He wanted her platform to be the one He prepared for her, not the one she prepared herself. The seeds of Kimberly’s heart needed time to be watered, they needed to grow and be allowed time to bloom. She uses her voice by sharing the importance of community care teams and the vitalness within our world for the churches to support it. “I wanted to see it lived out. It is very gratifying, and I am thankful the Lord has used me. Everyone can do something. An elderly person can make a meal, anyone can drive a child to practice. Everyone can do something. Everyone can be a benefit,” Thompson passionately explains. There is so much beauty within this ministry. You acquire a family, pieced together by our Creator.

Kimberly said that she prays with great expectation. And sometime that expectation is not met with greatness in the time period she anticipated. “I had to step back and know everything is in the Lord’s timing. God cultivates connections we are totally unaware of. What a blessing for both, the giving part of the family and the receiving part,” she states. The wait does not rid us of the reward. The wait is not a bad place to be.

Serving as a Church Advocate and being a foster and adoptive mother has moved Thompson closer to grace. It has shone a light on her sinful heart and made her incredibly grateful that God has picked her to be a mother and helper. A teacher and a student. That He has chosen her to be a vessel for transformation within her church, her home and her world. Without the prayers and without the wait none of this would have been possible.

The heart of Pursuing the Promise is listening to God’s call on your life. It is about chasing after His commands, His people, His mission with passion and conviction. It is about praying and mobilizing. It is about waiting and seeking. It is all movement for His Kingdom. Kimberly Thompson prayed in her waiting. She holds many titles: mother, friend, wife, survivor, advocate…most importantly, she is a Kingdom seeker and grower. A waiter and a prayer.

The journey of foster and adoption is different for everyone. It is so unique and personal. Do not be afraid of the waiting. Rejoice in it.

  • This article was written by Shelbi Hales.  Read more about her and her work at her blog:  Love Into Freedom