Pursuing The Promise

What is Live The Promise: FL?

It is a community. A support system. A mission. A movement. A people pursuing God’s heart for the vulnerable.

Working together, Florida 1.27 assists churches to develop and grow a Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM). A FAM works within its own church to build awareness and cultivate volunteer teams that provide consistency, love, mentorship and support for families impacted by foster care, kinship care, and adoption.

Florida 1.27 connects, encourages, and equips churches, families, and individuals to serve children in crisis. Our mission is to have more than enough foster, kinship, and adoptive families supported and available to care for vulnerable children in Florida. We understand the realities of fostering, and with our experience, God’s unending grace and nation-wide collaboration, we have established a program that creates a culture of consistent community.

The Live The Promise: FL program equips churches to develop intentional care teams to wrap around foster, adoptive, and kinship families with love and sustenance. Statistics reveal that a staggering 50 percent of foster families quit within the first year, a number we desperately want to eradicate. Florida 1.27 provides the support these families need to sustain their calling. With the aid of family helpers, child mentors, team leads, and interim caregivers, practical and ongoing needs are met. Families supported by care teams are much more likely to succeed.

Florida 1.27 understands these statistics and wants to provide an outlet of pure encouragement, honest conversation, and dynamic realities. That is why we have created Pursuing the Promise, an ongoing read that uncovers the beauty and battles of caring for vulnerable children.

Pursuing The Promise starts with you. Your story. Your experience.

Caring for vulnerable children is not easy. There are trials and chaos and hardships. But everywhere we turn, we see God’s mercy and goodness. We see His divine plans and beautiful intervention. We see His creation working together for His Kingdom. We see His promise, and we will pursue that promise wholeheartedly, until the mission is completed.

Join us on this journey of telling unseen stories. Join us on this mission to house every child in need.

If more than 10% of the local churches in each county become actively engaged, there will be more than enough families prepared to meet the increasing need for foster, kinship, and adoptive homes; however, we believe in a bigger picture. We believe that God can do great things with willing people. We pray that one day the churches become the norm of provision for foster, kinship, and adoptive care. We believe that because we believe in a mighty God.

We can do this together. Together, we are better.


  • This article was written by Shelbi Hales.  Read more about her and her work at her blog:  Love Into Freedom