Florida 1.27 is a movement of churches and individuals taking action together to radically change the foundation of foster care and adoption in Florida.


Florida 1.27 partners with churches to engage the community to care for vulnerable children. With a strategic focus on recruiting, equipping, and providing ongoing support, Florida 1.27 works toward fulfilling its vision of having more than enough foster and adoptive families trained, supported, and available to care for vulnerable children in Florida.


Children belong in families. Children should not grow up alone. They need unconditional love and continued support from parents as they grow throughout the many stages of life.

Children in foster care and those impacted by adoption deal with a wide range of issues and are in great need of healing. They need a loving family who is well prepared and willing to meet their needs. These children matter. They were created in the image of God. He has a plan and a purpose for these children.


Every day in Florida, children are removed from their homes to protect them from abuse and neglect caused by the adults that are supposed to love and provide for them. They need a loving family who is well prepared and able to help meet their needs. They require a family that is willing to work towards family reunification and, when appropriate, provide a permanent family through adoption…


Live the Promise

These stories display the unique ways in which God is working through churches, volunteers, foster families and children connected to foster care and adoption. Florida 1.27 hopes you are encouraged and challenged to get involved by what you read, see, and hear.



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